Steel Lab Fume Hood

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General Use:
Commercial Furniture
Laboratory Furniture
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all steeel
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
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Model Number:
hzj1500 series
Product name:
steel chemical fume hood
1200/1500/1800*850*2350 Mm
Blue/Grey or customized
Interior lining panel:
6mm thick acid compact board
Laboratory Bench Fume Hood
Phenolic Resin Worktop
Chemisty Lab
Power Supply:
ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, CE
Lead Time:
10-15 Workdays
Supply Ability
Supply Ability
100000 Set/Sets per Year
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Plywood case and pallet
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lab fume hood cabinet price/lab cupboard/fume hood

lab fume hood series ventilation cabinet is integrated with water, electricity, gas and ventilation. It is equipped with multifunctional socket inside. The window is designed into automatic balance type and is equipped with proper poise for taking its place easily. The bottom is equipped with stainless steel water tank with which liquid antiseptic, experiment leftover can be discharged from this tank through bathing so as to keep experiment environment safe and reliable. Thus, it is a kind of common lab equipment for discharging bad gas, cleaning and discharging in the course of experiment.

Frame shell: use 1.2 mm cold rolled steel sheet forming technology. Inside and outside the casing outside the metal layer of electrostatic spraying high temperature curing epoxy resin, consists of two parts.

Lining plate, guide plate:using solid core resistance times the special plate, surrounded by suction structure, can make the different proportion of air absorb quickly. Guide plate connected by special fixed fittings, cleaning maintenance, convenient loading and unloading. At the same time, special fixed fittings can also be convenient install remove rack.

Move sliding door: special door frame and door shake handshandle, use of aluminum alloy fittings, door open free to lifting height is 800 mm, the stay.

Operation table: use 12.7 mm solid physiochemical board mesa, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to corrosive chemical solvent, non-toxic, long life!
Windows: aluminum frame with plastic profile, window USES 3 block safety glass 5 mm, it can move around, and no balance device, it can move up and down, free to adjust.
Gas-collecting hood: use PP material, a integrated, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
Fluorescent lamp shows that: the 30 w 1 fluorescent lamps, hidden installation on top of the roof of the fume hood, and is equipped with 5 mm toughened glass, and ventilation air contained in the isolation, easy to replace.
Power description: laboratory use special splash power socket.
N distribution box: conform to the requirements of the 220 v and 380 v power supply, a leakage and motor protection device.
control switch: adopt LCD control switch, control the whole circuit system.
The lower cabinet put oneself in another's position: the 1.0 mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate, located in nc machining center, cutting, punching, bending, welding after
Lab Fume Hood  Specification:

What is a chemical Lab fume hood?

A fume hood is a piece of equipment designed to handle toxic or hazardous chemicals by safely capturing and releasing harmful gases, vapors, and fumes that are produced into the outside air. Fume hoods are very effective when installed and used properly and kept in good working order. A fume hood is not only a fixture, but it is also installed in a building's ventilation system and therefore affects the ventilation of the entire building and the exhaust of the chimney. Choosing the right chemical fume hood is critical to ensuring that you are protected from hazardous chemicals and vapors in your lab. Laboratory fume hood

Chemical lab fume hood - Lab Interior Laboratory furniture

All work using hazardous vapor chemicals is isolated inside a fume hood and fumes are safely vented. In the past few years, laboratory furniture has grown significantly and standards for the safe handling of hazardous materials have improved. Therefore, the fume hood, an important part of the laboratory, has undergone many technological changes. Many of them are directly influenced by the strict rules of Eurocodes, especially EN 14175. Our products meet all the requirements of the Eurocodes and more, we are committed to improvement and have successfully developed a production line of fume hoods that exceeds the EN 14175 standard. Our consulting team is on call to provide you with comprehensive support to help you install a fume hood into your laboratory to perfectly fit your installation scheme and construction schedule. Maximized interior dimensions allow you to get the most out of your fume hood interior. A variety of liners are available to handle all laboratory fume hood working conditions. There are two main chemical fume hood systems available:
1. Desktop fume hood 2. Low Ceiling Desk Fume Hood with Retractable Sash Main technical structural features of LAB INTERIOR fume hood: 1, Double wall structure with vertical mounting posts above the countertop and horizontal mounting posts below the countertop, allowing you to freely choose the installation location 2, The baffle is installed on the rear panel, making it easier to discharge heavy smoke 3, Aerodynamic contours at the front of the table area for smooth airflow to avoid air turbulence 4, Sash opening restriction according to EN 14175 and smooth movement 5, Integrated safety airflow monitoring mechanism according to EN 14175 6, Easy to install and remove system 7, Multiple installation options and simple add-ons

Ducted Fume Hood

A ducted fume hood is a ventilation system whose primary function is to protect personnel from toxic fumes, vapors, and dust. The containment device is connected to a pipeline through which the contaminants pass before being released into the environment. Its secondary functions include preventing chemical spills, runaway reactions and fires by acting as a physical barrier. The superior containment and performance of our ducted fume hoods meet ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175 standards. These fume hoods are designed with precisely tuned aerodynamics, overall system and design flexibility, aesthetics and ergonomics for outstanding user safety and convenience. Features that must be considered: 1. Rugged construction resists chemicals even at high temperatures 2. Meets ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175 standards for superior smoke containment 3. Various countertop configurations to suit different applications 4. Basic rocker switch, worry-free operation 5. Wide range of accessories and options available 6. Equipped with safety features, such as: sash limit and airflow monitoring system 7. Unique baffle design to prevent the accumulation of soot in the work area 8. Ergonomic features such as sash tilt, internal lighting, etc.

Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume HoodChemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood
Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood
Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood
Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood
Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood
Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood
Chemical Lab Fume Hood & Cupboard, Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood Steel Lab Fume Hood