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Chemistry Resistant School Lab Table and School Lab Table Supplier With School Lab table Design

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Chemistry Resistant  School Lab Table and School  Lab Table  Supplier With School  Lab table Design 

School Lab Table Specifications:


1. School Lab Table top:

Experimental solid surface can be all steel plate, (epoxy, phenolic resins, granite, stainless steel countertops, ceramic and other, alternative), color black, gray and white are available for customers to choose.


2.  School Lab Table Cabinet

Steel bench cabinets are made of thick domestic 1.0-1.2MM quality cold rolled steel plate, precision CNC punch press punching, CNC press brakes, gas shielded welding, polishing processing technology, such as molding, then after the pickling phosphate processing, chemical rust, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature epoxy electrostatic powder coating on the surface, load-bearing performance, long service life. View, reasonable overall load-bearing, anti-acid corrosion resistance is extremely high.


3.School Lab Table  Reagents

Steel glass reagent racks, columns made of high quality 100MM*60MM*2MM steel rectangular hollow production.Layers panel: 10MM thick tempered plate.Power configurations: waterproof socket ladder-shaped, five-hole special socket, lighting, power switch socket using laboratory safety products. There is dust-proof, splash-proof, waterproof, acid resistant, alkali and other properties.


4.   School Lab Table Accessories

Cabinet body part hinge, hinge: adopts domestic brand DTC hinge 105 and 175 degrees.Part of rails of the Cabinet: can use three mute Guide, adjustable foot combination anchor, with anti-skid, shock, acid and alkali, the advantages of strong loading capacity is more suitable for use in a lab environment.

School Lab Table Worktop:

Phenolic Resin :

Surfaces made of cost effective High Pressure Phenolic Resin composite are resistant to chemical stain and corrosion.  Non-porous and non-conductive, it's strong durable qualities enable it to withstand high impact and shock.  It is easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Epoxy resin
Because of the natural resistance to corrosion, the industry has found it superior to any other top material for laboratory work.  It is resistant to most organic and inorganic chemicals and is non-toxic.  In addition, 

 School Lab Table using :     

1 .School Lab Table For biological, pharmaceutical, coating laboratories and clean rooms, thorough cleaning and disinfection are the first functions to be considered, which requires that laboratory furniture is easy to clean, disinfect and keep clean for a long time. Ordinary steel and wooden furniture is difficult to meet the requirements of this cleanliness. With the continuous development of the industry, the laboratory furniture industry continues to enter the market. How to choose is very important, for example:

2. School Lab Table Experimental platform: plate central platform, steel wood unilateral experimental platform, all steel central platform, water bucket platform and sky platform;

3.Test bench panel: corrosion resistant physical and chemical board, table top

4.School Lab Table Fume hood series: plate type through fume hood, steel wood ventilation fume hood, new type all steel fume hood, floor type all steel fume hood;

5.Cabinet series; Reagent cabinet, vessel cabinet, gas cylinder cabinet, safety cabinet, locker and shoe cabinet;

6.Reagent rack: plate type reagent rack, steel glass central reagent rack, waterproof socket and experimental stool;

More choice

Different kinds of structure and material for choices,as follows:

1. Floor Mounted Full Steel Workstation for School Lab Table

2. Floor Mounted Full Wood Workstation for  School Lab Table

3. C-Frame All Steel Workstation for  School Lab Table

4.C-Frame Steel-Wood Workstation for  School Lab Table

5. H-Frame Steel-Wood Workstation for  School Lab Table

6. H-Frame All Steel Workstation for Lab Furniture

7. Stainless Steel Workstation for School Lab Table

Science lab table  Product Show :
Pharmaceuticals Pathology Lab Island Work Bench of Dental Laboratory Furniture

Pharmaceuticals Pathology Lab Island Work Bench of Dental Laboratory Furniture
Pharmaceuticals Pathology Lab Island Work Bench of Dental Laboratory Furniture
Pharmaceuticals Pathology Lab Island Work Bench of Dental Laboratory Furniture
Pharmaceuticals Pathology Lab Island Work Bench of Dental Laboratory Furniture

Science labe table Advantage: 

1. Directly manufacturing factory with competitive price and quality control, we check all material when we start to bulk product productions
2. Professional advice to help you purchase the products you wanted
3. Professional export service team servers in the deal
4. Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated
5. We will inspect and test all products material carefully to ensure no damage and lost
6. The success of our cooperation can be guaranteed for our company is a credible and honest partner. 
7. Our series products have been certified by EU

Pharmaceuticals Pathology Lab Island Work Bench of Dental Laboratory Furniture 

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