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OEM Customized Strongest Steel Material Phenolic WorkTops Chemical Laboratory Furniture Suppliers

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OEM Customized Strongest Steel Material Phenolic WorkTops Chemical Laboratory Furniture Suppliers

Strongest Steel Chemical laboratory furniture suppliers Product Description:

Full steel structure lab table lab bench (Durable, nice, with anti-corrosion, rust, moisture and other functions)

Steel using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, through a die forming, the plate cutting, slotted, bending process,

all welding cases of grinding and polishing processing, smooth not hurting hands. Surface after picking, phosphating

and epoxy resin powder coating, with anti-corrosion, antirust and moisture-proof function.

Phenolic resin Surfaces made of cost effective High Pressure Phenolic Resin composite are resistant to chemical

stain and corrosion. Non-porous and non-conductive, it's strong durable qualities enable it to withstand high impact

and shock.  It is easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Epoxy resin Because of the natural resistance to corrosion, the industry has found it superior to any other top material

for laboratory work.  It is resistant to most organic and inorganic chemicals and is non-toxic.  In addition, it is resistant to

mechanical and thermal shock.

Strongest Steel Chemical laboratory furniture suppliers Worktop :

a. 19mm thickness epoxy resin.
b. 20mm thickness ceramics.
c. 1.0 and 1.2mm thickness stainless steel
d. 13mm thickness Trespa.
e. 25mm thickness plywood.

Strongest Steel Chemical laboratory furniture suppliers Structure:

C-Frame & H-Frame & Floor Mounted

 Strongest Steel Chemical laboratory furniture suppliers Reagent Shelf:

Module steel column/Aluminum column,12mm tempered glass as the layer and other material board is optional,like epoxy

resin,phenolic,marble,granite,stainless steel.

 Strongest Steel Chemical laboratory furniture suppliers Laboratory table:

The selection of countertops is the most important part of purchasing laboratory furniture products.

Customers can choose different countertops according to their own laboratory environment, for

different performances such as chemical resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance,

antibacterial, wear resistance, scratch resistance, etc. Suitable for your countertops.

 Chemistry Laboratory Type:

1. No staining 2. Easy to remove dust

3. Wear resistance 4. Anti-pollution

 Physics Laboratory Type:

1. Resistant to chemical agents 2. Easy to remove dust 3. Uniform color

4, wear resistance 5, high temperature resistance 6, shock resistance

Electronics Laboratory Type:

1. Bearing heavy objects 2. Impact resistance 3. Wear resistance


 Electricity  Laboratory Type:

1. Non-conductive 2. Antistatic 3. Carrying heavy objects

Mechanical Laboratory Type:

(including metallurgy and geology laboratories)

1. The performance in line with various physical indicators

 Radiology Laboratory Type :

1. Anti-radioactive chemical pollution 2. Easy to remove dust

Thermal Laboratory Type :

1. High temperature resistance


 Biochemical Laboratory Type :

1. Easy to remove dust 2. Anti-pollution

3. Impermeability 4. Resistant to chemical reagents and material uniformity

The above are the characteristics of the experimental table required by different laboratory types

and Jiangxi Hua zhi jun Technology Co., Ltd. can provide professional services accordingly.

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lab table:
chemical lab furniture size: 3000*500*900mm,chemical lab furniture materials: steel wood,chemical lab furniture deliver date:15days,chemical lab furniture color:grey black white(can customized),chemical lab furniture using:chemical laboratory ,chemical lab furniture shipping:by sea with wood pass box,chemical lab furniture moq:5pcs,chemical lab furniture accessories:single faced pegboard pp sink eye wash and etc.,chemical lab furniture specification:durable strongest tight corrosion resistance,chemical lab furniture top: phenolic worktop
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